Holly Turns Six


I just thought I’d start by saying that I am OBSESSED with my dogs. I love them way too much so OF COURSE when my eldest dogs birthday was coming around I was going to give her a special treat.

We got Holly in February 2010, a little while after my childhood dog had passed away, at first we were all a bit reluctant to get a new pup after having our old one for over ten years but as soon as I saw this tiny, runt of the litter, abandoned christmas puppy, bundle of energy and excitement, I was sold. We took her home 20 minutes later.

I was going to make a dog friendly cake made with carrots and all that fancy stuff you can find on the internet, but my dog’s a funny one, she’s got a very sensitive stomach and is probably the only labrador around that’s a fussy eater… seriously. So instead of making something that she might not enjoy/would make her ill I made a “cake” out of the special treats I know she already loves, toast and peanut butter!


This dog might be a nutter, camera phobic (hence the blurry photos) too vocal, and doesn’t know how to walk in a straight line on walks but she loves nothing more than being loved, and thats something she’s definitely getting for her birthday (and everyday)!

“…is..is that..peanut butter?? it IS… omg”



Please tell me I’m not the only crazy dog lady out there that celebrates puppy birthdays??



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